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Anytime IT Procurement Solutions

Procurement Solution is one of our foundation services. Any company can make promises. At the end of the day, these are nothing if they are not paired with results. So ask to see ours. We’d be proud to show you our history of success.

We are a one stop shop for the most accurate hardware solutions from an extensive range of vendors. We give you quality assured pre-configuration of equipment and data centre infrastructure.

That means having the expertise and understanding to tailor and procure hardware and create lifecycle management solutions to exactly match your needs. And the network we have developed also enables us to offer you the right hardware at the best price.

We offer a complete supply chain for Information and Communication Technology hardware from product planning and selection through to product deployment and eventual disposal. And we pay attention to the details, to make sure your hardware is ideally suitable, properly delivered, configured correctly and priced to please.

Equipment may be forward ordered, pre-configured, quality assured, asset tagged and sent to any site nationally. In addition, when your hardware reaches the conclusion of its lifecycle, we will securely dispose of all unwanted equipment in an environmentally-friendly way.

Our solutions encompass equipment ranging from PCs, laptops, tablets, network devices, printers, appliances, servers and storage.

We prepare status reports tailored to fit your needs, to keep you informed at all times of the progress of your order.

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