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Anytime IT Professional Services

Anytime IT professional server support services. Our tailored technology solutions are created to align optimally with your business and technical requirements. Because we look and listen, the business and technical requirements we meet are yours precisely.  In short, we give you exactly the right fuel for your business engine to run its best race. We work with world-leading vendors, to provide infrastructure that you may own or access via the cloud. We provide data centre infrastructure as a dedicated solution or as a service, backed by our expertise.

We are recognised by our partners and alliances through certification, collaboration and partner programs.

Our date centre services have efficiency and reliability as its M.O. We assess and select technology from vendors such as HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec and VMware to name a few, and we have the finesse through experience to plan, design and build a tailored solution for you to own. If you’d prefer, we will provide the Data Centre as a Cloud service using our Infrastructure as a Service solution.

Because we stay at the forefront of the latest technologies, you can take a back seat here. While you focus on your key business initiatives, we focus on your key ICT strategies. We will provide you with the best Australian outsourced and/or cloud-based ICT solutions. And will we provide you with the agility that expertly customised ICT strategies bring to your business. Our selective outsourced services give you the ICT functionality you need to deliver and achieve increased operational effectiveness, efficiency and sound ICT governance.

Our managed services allow you to consume only what you need, when you need it. Our people are at the top of their game. If you put the management of your ICT entirely in their hands, expect excellence. Just work with us to map your needs and plan your strategies with us, then be reassured of a smooth running outcome – one that keeps abreast of your needs as your business grows and develops. We have a wide range of flexible solutions and the expertise to help you make the best choices.

Our answers to your needs minimize your ICT risks, optimize your return on investment, maximize your ICT agility and service and provide you with data centre infrastructure that aligns perfectly to your business and technical requirements. Workplace changes have increased the demand for round-the-clock and on-the-move ICT systems, which is why our services also include scalable key operational ICT cloud-based services hosted within Australia.

Our professional team has skills, experience and expertise to assist you with:

  • Consulting and Advising
  • Project Management
  • End user Computing
  • Internet, Mobility and Data solutions
  • Converged data center infrastructure
  • Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Technical and Implementation Resources
  • Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud infrastructure
  • Desktop Support, Server Support & Network Support
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